Services Provided

Academic Clinical Services offers a Full Spectrum of Proven Learning Skills Development
from preparation for preschool to college admissions testing

  • Prescriptive instruction for reading comprehension, math, written expression, and all content areas
    Based on each student's individualized assessment, Dr. Kirkham designs customized learning strategies to address specific needs.

  • Support for homework, test preparation, and use of textbooks
    Students learn how to complete homework assignments, prepare for tests, and use textbooks more effectively.

  • Accelerated instruction for gifted students
    Many students are not challenged by their grade-level curriculum. Frequently, students are more capable of advanced learning instruction and enjoy the challenge of higher-level skill development provided in their individualized learning plan. They also engage with other gifted students in high-level creative and stimulating learning games.

  • Guidance to parents for future school placement decisions
    Dr. Kirkham is familiar with the private school application

requirements. She is able to advise parents on how to get acquainted with potential schools to assist in preparing students for each step in the admissions process. Guidance in college selection and admission testing is provided for high school students.

  • Academic Assistance for students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    Students with ADHD are able to learn behavioral techniques to increase their listening comprehension, concentration, attention span, and task completion. Reward systems are designed for students to feel more successful at school as well as in their learning sessions.

  • Easy-to-use Gradebooster Study Guides and Student Datebook help students learn effective study skills, track assignments, and manage their time
    Students learn effective Study Guide steps to complete assignments and be more prepared for upcoming tests in all content areas. The Student Datebook provides the easiest way to record assignments, quizzes, tests, and long-term projects and papers.

Dr. Sally Kirkham

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