Evaluation Consultation

STEP 1: An Individualized Evaluation of Each Student

The first step is to schedule a one-on-one academic evaluation with Dr. Kirkham. For students in 1st through 12th grade, she assesses current reading, math, writing, and listening comprehension skills. Overall, as well as, specific cognitive abilities and learning style will be determined. How students complete homework and prepare for tests will also be reviewed. For students in Pre-K to kindergarten levels of readiness are assessed for general language development, auditory and visual discrimination, counting, number and letter recognition, attention span, and listening comprehension.

From the initial evaluation, an atmosphere of confidence and trust prepares students for a positive learning experience, measurable results, and a willingness to achieve higher academic goals.

STEP 2: A Private Consultation with Parents

Any day after the initial evaluation, Dr. Kirkham meets privately with the student's parents to review her analysis and observations and to listen to their questions and concerns. Dr. Kirkham will present an overall academic

plan which will include short-term and long-term goals, specific learning strategies that will be used, and effective, as well as, positive ways for parents to reinforce the educational plan at home.

STEP 3: Implementation of Specific Learning Plans and Reaching Academic Goals

The specific needs and strategies are prioritized and placed into an individualized program for each student, designed personally by Dr. Kirkham. Depending on individual needs, students are scheduled 2 to 6 hours at Academic Clinical Services each week for after school or Saturday morning learning sessions. Under Dr. Kirkham's supervision, students work with specifically trained instructors. Each student receives specific support to tackle difficult homework, prepare for upcoming tests, and/or develop more advanced skills in reading, math, and written expression, and all content areas. Every student's progress is carefully monitored and rewarded.

Dr. Sally Kirkham


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